Jason Potter

Fade Laser Tattoo Removal are proud to offer laser tattoo removal, fading and editing (partial removal) in Balmain, Sydney. Fading and editing parts of a tattoo is particularly helpful with cover-ups, where full removal is not necessary and only part of the old tattoo needs to be treated to achieve the desired result.

Many tattoo artists prefer to do cover-up work on tattoos that have been lightened up with laser treatment as it gives you much more flexibility and choice in design and allows for much brighter colors for the new tattoo without the need for heavy black.

We use a Cynosure® MedLite C6 which is the GOLD Standard in tattoo removal. This combined with our years of experience in tattoo removal and working with a number of different tattoo studios across Sydney and NSW, we can assure you will get the best service and treatment you could possibly ask for.

Whether you are wanting to eventually get a cover up tattoo or wanting full removal, we can provide you with realistic and honest opinions of your situation. Whatever style you’re wanting to get, whether it be a recommended artist at The Darling Parlour or an artist from one of the studios we work with – we will make sure you have the best possible outcome.

The price of treatments range from $120 to $300+ per session depending on the size of the area, location of tattoo and colours to be treated. To lighten an average tattoo for the purpose of covering with a new one can take 2-5 sessions while full removal can take between 7-15+ sessions. The number of sessions depends on the age of the tattoo, colors used, quality and type of pigment used.

Treatments are typically done 6-8 weeks apart allowing for the skin to completely heal between sessions, while the actual fading process can last up to 3 months after treatment.

For more information on laser tattoo removal, or if you would like to make a booking, get in touch with Jason on 02 9555 6316 or use the Contact Form on this website.