All our artists are trained and qualified in infection control standards and maintain a high level of hygiene at all time.

Hygienic procedures for our tattooists

Preparation of work area.

• Ensure the work area is clean and tidy.
• Set up work area making sure all items required for skin preparation, tattooing, dressing and waste disposal are within easy reach.
• Cover any work surfaces in the immediate area with disposable coverings – one per client.
• Cover surfaces which may need to be touched eg. spray bottles, power controls, with plastic film.
• Place a container labelled `contaminated instruments for sterilising’ in each area where tattooing takes place.
• Always wear clean clothing including shirt/t-shirt pants and closed foot wear.
• Dispense the required pigment, lubricating jelly, therapeutic cream and any other lotion required into single-use disposal containers using single-use spatulas. Single-use spatulas should always be used when handling the petroleum jelly or any cream or lotion
• Place water to be used for rinsing between colours into a single-use disposable cup
• Place sufficient single-use wipes for one client in the area
• Remove rings and thoroughly wash hands using soap or detergent under running water.
Dry hands using a single-use paper towel or air dryer.
• Wear clean new disposable gloves for each client.

Skin preparation.

• Ensure client’s skin is clean and free from infection, sores or wounds on or around the tattoo site
• If area needs to be shaved, use a new disposable safety razor for each client
• Disinfect the skin around the tattoo site using either a single-use alcohol swab or a    single-use wipe with skin disinfectant which (a) has been decanted into a single-use container or (b) is applied with a spray bottle – this bottle must be emptied, cleaned and refilled daily and must NEVER be `topped-up’.
• Leave the disinfectant or alcohol swab on the skin for at least two minutes before starting
skin penetration.
• Prior to the placement of a stencil, a detergent based lotion may be applied to the tattoo   site using the methods outlined above. Multi-use deodorants should never be used.
• Because of the high risk of cross-contamination with blood, only single-use stencils should be used to mark the   skin.
• Apply lubricating jelly to the tattoo site using a clean, new single-use spatula or  gloves for each client. Never use bare fingers to apply lubricating jelly, always apply with a spatula and discard spatula after each application.